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Our Staff

Our Vision

Through a commitment to excellence and continual investment in our people and client satisfaction, we seek to become the leading cleaning company within the cleaning industry nationwide.


Our Mission

  • To retain consistency in the provision of our high quality cleaning services.

  • To maintain our breadth in range of specialisms by retaining staff knowledge & experience.

  • Resource focus on maintaining cleaning standards with existing staff and company growth.

  • Maintaining our existing clients by maintaining excellence in our provision of services and encouraging referrals to new and potential clients through our quality services and price.


Kuda Mukanganise

Co-owner and Service Manager

Our motivation is a clean working environment for our clients to achieve their goals and objectives.


Yvette Musiri

Co-owner and Service Manager

At CCS we are result driven, motivated and strengthened by ensuring our clients receive the utmost cleaning experience. We do not cut corners but we clean them.

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